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STROKE is the melting pot for the various creative expressions of our time. Once a year art, design and music combine to a unique experience in Munich.

The event was founded in 2009 from the brothers Marco and Raiko Schwalbe to bring their vision of art, design and urban lifestyle of the 21st century to a wide audience. With this exhibition the reactionary and outmoded conception should be scrutinized and banned from so-called “high and pop culture”. For the brothers, the superposition, interference and mixing of different forms is creative expression, like contemporary art, design, music and fashion, one of the most significant cultural changes of the 21st century and thus the backbone of the event.

In just five years, more than 100,000 people have visited the STROKE and anchored the event so that in the Top5 of art fairs in Germany. STROKE sees itself as experiential event for cultural progress and innovation. Curiosity and interest thereby replace the fear of the unknown. Whether with art historical training, serious collectors intention or the passion for shape and color – here makes art fun in any age!

In addition to the contemporary aspects of urban art that STROKE also includes digital art, design and many other aspects urban lifestyle.


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